Type of lessons offered – 

  1. face time – I currently teach two students via face time. They know what time to call me and we have a video chat for an hour each day to read, write, learn grammar and more.
  2. face to face – I currently teach two students at my home. We conduct our lessons at a dining table located in my office.


Subjects offered – 

  1. Literature – I use read alouds to teach the various elements of prose, poetry, and non fiction. I choose novels based on students’ interests as well as on their needs. Some topics covered during a year are: plot, setting, expositions, rising action, climax, falling action, resolutions, symbolism, irony, similes, metaphors, personification,  allegory, dramatic irony, point of view, five elements of characterization, hyperbole, dialogue, imagery, mood, tone, theme, antagonist, protagonist,  alliteration, narrative methods, conflict, text mapping. (this link will explain more about the text mapping method) http://www.textmapping.org/scrolls.html
  2. Writing – I use a method called “Step Up to Writing” to teach summary writing as well as expository writing. This system uses highlighted colors to represent various aspects of the piece. Once students learn what the colors represent and can highlight them in their writing, they will carry this over to reading to identify the author’s writing style.
  3. Grammar – I use Easy Grammar and Abeka to teach the various parts of speech. I tend to look at educating a child in a holistic approach however. We will be learning grammar through our writing and reading as well.
  4. Math – I use a combination of two curriculum in this area of learning. Because of my holistic approach to learning, I will use Life of Fred mathematics, which uses the story of Fred’s life to teach math in a very real world way. We will follow Fred, a young math prodigy, as he uses math in every day situations. I also use a web based math site called Moby Max. This site tracks a student’s progress and presents them with opportunities to learn beyond their grade level.
  5. All other subjects – Various curriculum used… usually will include relevant literature that incorporates historical or scientific topics

Fees and Payments – 

Cash or checks made out to Amy DuBose. Payments should be made on or before the last session of the week if we are having face to face sessions. For face time sessions, you may mail a check to Amy DuBose  28246 Natalie Bend Rd   Katy TX 77494. Payment for face time sessions is due every other week. Each hour session is $50.00


Schedule – I follow Katy Independent School District schedule for holidays and teacher work days.


9:00-10:00 facetime lesson

10:00-11:00 face to face lesson

1:00-2:00 open

2:00-3:00 open

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday:

9:00-10:00 facetime lesson

10:00-11:00 open

1:00-2:00 open

2:00-3:00 open


9:30-10:30 face to face lesson

11:00-12:00 open


CONTACT me at 832-312-7158 or amydubose@msn.com for more information